Motor Bank
5001 Bosque Blvd.
Waco, Texas


Be aware of calls or texts you may receive requesting your personal information.  We will not contact you requesting this information.  Never give out your personal information over the phone or via the internet.  Please contact the bank directly if you are ever in question.

Financial Literacy
Learn more about personal finance – review your spending plan, and make certain you aren’t paying avoidable, unnecessary fees for banking or other services.  Visit the  link below.

It’s time to do your banking. Just pick up the phone. A popular option to our free online bill pay is Telebanking, another convenient way to pay all your bills right from your office, home or cell phone. And by pressing a few buttons, you can transfer money between accounts and check balances.

24-Hour Customer Service

Support lines:
McLennan County 254.399.2540
Coryell County 254.248.1525
Bell County 254.791.1001

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Enter your account number followed by the # sign.
Enter your security code followed by the # sign.
Enter your customer number (SSN/TIN) followed by the # sign.
Select appropriate number for desired function.
Menu selections:
Checking Account = 1
Savings Account = 2
Transfer Between Accounts = 3
CD Information = 4
Loan Information = 5
Menu = 9
End Call = *