Motor Bank
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Waco, Texas


Be aware of calls or texts you may receive requesting your personal information.  We will not contact you requesting this information.  Never give out your personal information over the phone or via the internet.  Please contact the bank directly if you are ever in question.

Financial Literacy
Learn more about personal finance – review your spending plan, and make certain you aren’t paying avoidable, unnecessary fees for banking or other services.  Visit the  link below.

At Texas First, you’ll launch your Smart Banking relationship by being choosy! Consider all the possibilities listed below, some including Visa debit cards and favorable Overdraft Protection – and all offering Imaged Bank Statements for easy storage and recordkeeping. Along with Online Banking, you’ll create the perfect checking experience! Then be sure to peruse the Personal Services sheet enclosed and find out how you can save time and energy by using Telebanking, our 24-hour customer service line.

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Texas Checks

Simplified checking & imaged statements
  • Free first order of checks
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Monthly service charge of $7.00 if balance falls below $500.00 on any day of cycle
  • Minimum to open $100.00
  •  Visa debit card
  • Imaged Bank Statements*
  • $500 Overdraft Protection (optional)
Available thirty days after account opening. A fee of $28 per item will be charged for the payment of each overdraft as a result of payment by check, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means. We will not pay overdrafts if you do not make at least one deposit per month and bring the account to a positive balance every 30 days or less. Other restrictions may apply as stated in the Texas First Overdraft Protection Policy.
  • Online banking


*Imaged Bank Statements

  • Check images listed in check number order
  • No more missing items in statements
  • No bulky checks to keep in a shoe box or other storage location
  • Statements are three-hole punched so you can file them easily
  • Free Notebook for storing your records with monthly tabs for easy organization